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ASVP Shop Spamton Pink & Yellow Round Circle Sunglasses Deltarune Cosplay Costume Glasses

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Circular Lens Sunglasses Color Tinted / Lennon Style Vintage Shades / Cosplay Tea Shades Pink Yellow Blue Purple Tinted Lenses Hippie Style

Spamton NEO introduces the yellow SOUL mechanic. Similar to the yellow SOUL Mode in Undertale, this allows the SOUL to shoot bullets at certain obstacles. The SOUL can also charge the bullets for a "big shot." Spamton NEO's line " ARE YOU READY [Kids]!?" after being violently defeated by Kris, Susie, and Ralsei could be a reference to the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song, whose first line ("Are you ready, kids?") is spoken by Painty the Pirate. After his battle, he appears as a shopkeeper in the Trash Zone. His shop is unusual in that his items are not what they appear, and their prices fluctuate rapidly while looking at them. He is also the only shopkeeper that the party cannot sell items to, with the "SELL" option being replaced with "BUYMORE!!" His wares are: Flying Heads: Four copies of Spamton's head launch at the SOUL one lane at the time. These heads can be destroyed. If not destroyed, they launch bullets at the SOUL as they continue onward. When a head is destroyed, it will provide 1.3 (about 0.5%) TP.In the Snowgrave Route, after reaching 10% HP, Spamton NEO will use Pipis Explosion every turn for the rest of the battle. The Japanese name for "BIG SHOT" is "Power of [[BIG]]," a direct reference to the name of Mettaton NEO's theme, " Power of NEO". Spamton attempts to take Kris's SOUL after becoming Spamton NEO to obtain "FREEDOM," whereas Flowey attempts to take the protagonist's SOUL as Photoshop Flowey to "become god."

Spamton's design seems to be based on a number of popular depictions of puppets, having the face and style of dress seen on classic ventriloquist dummies with the nose of Pinocchio. This is also hinted at in his Spamton NEO form when he refers to himself as a puppet, and with the song "A Real Boy!" Spamton NEO's "Bluelight Specil" is a reference to the Kmart department store chain's Blue Light Special sales promotions, where sales on items would be announced spontaneously over loudspeaker and accompanied by a flashing blue light. Cloth and Case are provided: Keep the lens clean & clear. The case are high quality, protect your glasses from scratchHERE I GO!!!! WATCH ME FLY, [MAMA]!!!! - Spamton NEO after being defeated violently on the normal route This is further implied by the "Cungadero Crossing" sign given away during the Spamton Sweepstakes. If a party member snaps when the rest of the party is downed, they "snap desperately" and instead increase mercy by 4%. Due to a glitch, this does not happen if Ralsei is the last party member standing prior to version v1.08. A The World Revolving leitmotif, previously unique to Jevil's themes, appears in BIG SHOT and Dialtone. With nothing left, Spamton was to be evicted from the Queen's mansion. The day of his eviction, one of the Addisons went to visit Spamton, but found he had already left. Spamton had left his phone hanging off the handle. Spamton presumably left in the middle of a conversation, as the Addison could hear someone on the other end, but after putting the phone to their ear it only made "garbage noise." [9] Likewise, Kris's Cell Phone only makes garbage noise when used in the Dark World.

Keep collections to yourself or inspire other shoppers! Keep in mind that anyone can view public collections—they may also appear in recommendations and other places. Even more ironically, Spamton NEO has a negative defense stat on the Snowgrave Route before he activates his Bluelight Specil. However, this is only so that Kris isn't at an unfair disadvantage when they fight against Spamton alone. Spamton consistently spells "generosity" as "genorisity," "guarantee" as "guaranttee," and "special" as "specil," with an exception for the latter at the end of the Spamton NEO battle after snapping all the wires. If you’ve already done that, your item hasn’t arrived, or it’s not as described, you can report that to Etsy by opening a case. After becoming Spamton NEO, Spamton assumes the form of the machine he inhabits. The body of this form looks like a disheveled Mettaton NEO with a gaudy pink and yellow color scheme, and a laser cannon mounted onto his hand. Countless green wires suspend him in the air. His pink and yellow glass colors swap places. He also grows bat wings, one side being green, lilac, and purple, the other being yellow, pink, and magenta, and has teal-green and grey thumbs.Spamton begs the audience to stop taking the furniture out of his room. [Neutral, if big shots were fired #7] Spamton NEO's torso armor and wings seem to make up the shape of the Delta Rune, which appears frequently in both Undertale and Deltarune. In the Japanese version of the game, Spamton's speech quirk mixes kanji, hiragana, katakana, and roman text. He also produces several puns based around the concept of death. Spamton feels the sweet breeze as he takes a ride around town. [Neutral, if big shots were fired #10] Deltarune Cookie Cutters Chapter 2 - Spamton, Ralsei, Noelle, Queen, Berdly - Undertale / Baking Gift

Spamton's constant head movement is done in a manner similar to Mettaton EX's constant pose changes. Spamton has the ability to increase the size of his head. In his NEO form, his head is constantly larger than usual. If a party member is downed when the Spamton NEO battle ends, their negative HP remains outside battle, even persisting into the overworld. (This differs from the normal system where downed party members are restored to 1 HP upon exiting battle.) Should the party enter another encounter while in this negative HP state, this can cause glitches with party members' actions and turns, particularly Kris's.

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Spamton replaces almost all instances of "desu" (です) and "dai" (だい) with the English words "death" and "die," rendered in Roman text. In much of his dialogue, he seems mentally confused and insane, seemingly projecting himself onto Kris, contradicting himself, and saying things which make little sense, without warning. This mental instability seems to clear up briefly after fighting him in his NEO form, as he wishes Kris success with their journey without using broken English.

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