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I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss, Vol. 1 (I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss (Manga))

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You should watch this show if you have an infatuation with the isekai/otome game genre and a thing for lord claude. I’ve started a new manga series again. I’m convinced that summer is the season of manga for me, seeing as I’m lagging when it comes to reading novels. The good thing is there’s only one book out for this one. It’s a good thing because I don’t have a bunch of books to catch up on, but it’s also a terrible thing because now I’m left on a cliffhanger. I know this is having an anime soon, so my only choice is to wait for that to air… It is my book version of dark chocolate. I have an affinity for the "otome isekai villainess" genre, where the MC h is a contemporary Japanese female, usually teen to young adult, who is whisked away to a usually fantasy type European style world that the protagonist realizes is based off of an otome game that she played when she was in Japan and that she is now the villainess of the game and is trying to avoid the "death flags" so she survives to a ripe old age, rather than to be used as the stepping stone for the "heroine" to have her "happy" ending. The comedic beats do land sometimes, not always mind you, but often enough to give the show an upbeat feeling so good enough. The plot is quite simple: the protagonist, as a classic Issekai scenario is supposed to be, finds herself in the world of a video game, where she finds herself in the role of a villain whose destiny is death. The task is clear: to change the plot of the game by defeating the final boss...with her love. Romance, though.

A digital ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss+ for review. All opinions are unbiased and my own.


I’m pleased with Aileen’s character development as a “villainess.” She really turned out not only to be so lovable but also a competent and intelligent woman. It was no wonder that so many of my favorite scenes throughout the series, but especially in this volume, were of her epically one-upping Lelia, the so-called heroine who turned out to be the real villainess. The more and more the story progressed, the more unstable Lelia became. Soon she was pushing for Aileen’s death and a more reverse harem ending for herself, forsaking all the good Aileen, Claude, and the others had done for the kingdom. I didn't really get the gist of it. Maybe the author wanted to say that even in the game love and friendship work wonders and solve many issues, change the fate, but most likely the anime is just a normal isekai, covered with the feelings of the main characters. Some characters are revealed, discarded, and what is timeless is the beauty and allure of the prince of darkness, Claude. By the way, I would argue with the word "darkness." After all, all the darkness is crows, furry critters, cyclops, and green-haired helpers... Seriously, they even have a fortress? A fortress for one man, two demons and beasts...that's "darkness." It doesn't make sense. I don't think this warrants an explanation, I just thought I would leave this here, if you even pay a modicum of attention to the screen you'll probably become extremely confused and frustrated.

Not going to lie, I brought it with me to work to read during my lunch break. I have only ever done that ONCE with another NG book. THAT'S how well this one wrapped me up in it's world. I was SO SAD to hit the end, MOR MONSTER WANT MOR!) Claude es el personaje que más adoro, junto con Aileen. Ambos tienen algo que juntos los hace hermosos, la manera en la que se tratan entre ellos es algo que me causa envidia; de hecho tengo planes de hacer cosplay de uno de los personajes de esta serie. Planeo leerme la novela ligera que tiene un poco más de información, pero no será pronto porque aún tengo dos tomos más de este manga por leer. Unfortunately for her and the motley crew I’ve become so fond of, Lilia, the game’s heroine who was just revealed to be the holy maiden, is also a reincarnated person! That means Lilia is also armed with the knowledge of how the game is intended to play out. As a result, she helps cook up a plan to separate Claude from Aileen. The end game for this awful excuse for a heroine is that, as Maiden of the Holy Sword, she’ll slay Claude in his demon form and live happily after. But, to get him to that mental state where he loses control and transforms, she has been scheming to separate him from Aileen.There are quite a few characters in the anime, but not all of them decided to reveal. Of the 5 assistants of the main character, Aileen, only Isaac was given time, while the rest became third-rate. But I've discovered, like with every trope, there is a lot of dumb stuff out there. It feels like there is more when it comes to Isekai. Almost like a paint by numbers thing but every person in a fandom knows that will be the case with everything. I mean how many twists can you find in the Star Trek books? I'm not going to lie I think the last chapter kind dragged. I don't really like the sudden we need torepair the demon castle plot, political stuff, economy... wha... idk it's like I'm not really interested in that. I want the romance and the trying to avoid the bad ending plot, but idk why they have to go in this weird direction like it's a light hearted comedy? manga we don't need to do this lol. The story is nice, rather short for my liking, but you can read it in one sitting if you want to. As another commenter said, it's very fairy tale-esque, but I enjoyed that aspect of it.

V01: was a pretty fun book! I mean, yes it was pretty cliche for the genre but the ML was adorable and the FL was competent and the world was interesting enough so I was filled with good feelings.No es la primera vez que leo esta historia, creo que la primera vez fue por allá del 2019, pero si es la primera vez que lo tengo en físico, por lo que no ha aparecido en ningún otro año de lecturas. Si je suis la vilaine autant mater le boss final est un manga que je m’étais acheté après avoir vu l’anime a sa sortie (fin 2022) et je me suis récemment dit qu’il était enfin temps de le sortir de ma PAL. Se los recomiendo a todos aquellos que no conozcan mucho del género o aquellos veteranos a este, a aquellos que busquen algo nuevo que leer, a los amantes del manga y a los que adoran a protagonistas fuertes, decididas e inteligentes. For Claude being a Demon King, he was nothing like I expected! (I expected I think more dark magical elements but there were none at in this first volume. There was barely even any magic as it was!) He is a cinnamon roll character and seeing his emotions being "on display" was a hoot! (Even more so when Aileen doesn't realize what they mean. LOL!) Plus, his "right-hand man" is priceless and really liked Keith too! The characters are not necessarily unique, we've already seen those typologies over and over again, but the author manages to give their own twist and the result is a colorful (even though

The music is present, but the same music is played time and time again throughout the anime. A tense moment - long live the medieval melody. The series itself is divided into three arcs, in each of which the story changes, the characters remain the same (except that new ones appear). In my opinion, the first and how could I give it anything less and do I want to pauper myself by getting the manga as well, stars!Ya'll, I have re-discovered my college era love of manga and NOW there is something JUST as good or even BETTER out there and it is LIGHT NOVELS, basically manga with only a few GORGEOUS pictures and the story written out as a prose book. Coming off the energy of the second volume, I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss Volume 3 was my most anticipated manga from Yen Press this month. For such a short series of just three volumes, the creative team has done a great job making readers fall in love with these characters while also providing plenty of laughs. second arcs are very good, but the third seemed boring and unnecessary, although in general, the plot of the anime could have been finished at 4 series (the end of the first story). I will not forgive V03 for that horribly conceived attempted rape scene. It mutilates characters, emphasizes purity culture, and the perp gets away with it with barely a slap on the wrist. Also, this is the point where the ship started making less sense to me because there were too many heightened emotions and it does not fit with how little they actually know each other.

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